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Month: April, 2014

Early iPhone engineer shares stories of Safari’s move to mobile

What was it like moving Apple’s Safari web browser from the Mac to the original iPhone? More interestingly, what was it like doing it under the attention of Steve Jobs? Former Apple engineer Francisco Tolmasky, one of the team members who helped do just that, spoke with Brian X. Chen about it as part of the publicity for his new iOS game, Bonsai Slice. There are lots of great anecdotes included, including how Ken Kocienda ended up creating the iPhone keyboard, insight into Don Melton’s and Henri Lamiraux’s teams, and, of course, Steve Jobs. The New York Times:

Mr. Jobs was notorious for throwing his weight around however he could. One person on the iPhone design team was also named Steve, which caused some confusion in meetings. Mr. Jobs sought to change this.

“At some point Steve Jobs got really frustrated with this and said ‘Guess what, you’re Margaret from now on,'” Mr. Tolmasky said. From there on, members of the team would always address the designer Steve as Margaret.

For some context on that, Steve Jobs was away on leave when the designer, Steve Lemay, came on board. So, during meetings, when “Steve” was asked for an opinion, Lemay was who they were talking to. When Jobs came back and they asked “Steve” for an opinion, Lemay, who was used to answering, answered. It happened twice, and then Jobs realized it would keep happening, so said — “Okay, from now on, when I’m in the room, your name is Doris!” (Or “Margaret”, I’m sure recollections of the specific name vary.)

(That anecdote came up on a previous episode of Debug, along with a few others.)

I love that this kind of stuff is getting shared. The iPhone is one of the most important developments in recent technological history and how it came to be is a story that needs telling. It’s part of reason we do the podcasts we do here at iMore, and why I link to as many other sources on it as I can. It’s our history.

Check out all of Tolmasky stories, and more, via the link below, and let me know your favorites.

Source: The New York Times

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Oops, Powdered Alcohol Was Actually Approved By Mistake?

Oops, Powdered Alcohol Was Actually Approved By Mistake?

You may have heard about a weird and wonderful new thing called Palcohol coming soon to a store near you. Except, psych! The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is now saying the powdered alcohol product was approved in error—all because of a labeling discrepancy.

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FCC sets up the ‘incentive auction’ that will lead to better wireless internet for everyone

Last week at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show, FCC head Tom Wheeler pushed broadcasters to loosen their grip on spectrum that the agency plans to auction off to give wireless internet room to grow. Now, he’s laid out a draft of the…

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Flickr app for iOS updated with new interface and fresh editing tools

Flickr for iOS just got a complete overhaul, bumping the app to version 3.0 and bringing a host of new and welcome features. First thing you’ll notice upon opening the new Flickr is the completely redesigned interface, bringing it to modern design standards on iOS 7. It also just looks plain better than the old version, even though it wasn’t an ugly app before by any means. The app has also improved its suite of editing tools that were previously updated back in August.

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This Co-Working Table Has Hidden Depths

This Co-Working Table Has Hidden Depths

Co-working can be tough: regular users of a space have their natural sprawl, while those spending just a few hours at a desk would prefer a minimum of clutter. This desk has hidden depths to cater for all.

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Google releases Helpouts app for iOS

Google Helpouts is a service that uses Hangouts to get users with questions in touch with experts. Categories include Computers & Electronics, Education & Careers, Fashion, Fitness and Music, among others. You use your Google account to sign in, and the interface is plain but intuitive.

Most Helpouts are free, but the experts can set a fee for their services. Once finished, you’re able to rate your experience so that others can get an idea of the service they should expect.

It’s an interesting concept, but so far has seen limited success. Maybe opening up the process to iOS users will make a difference here.

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