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Month: June, 2014

New York law lets Tesla continue direct car sales

Tesla has just dodged another bullet — well, sort of. Just days after New Jersey overturned a ban on direct car sales, New York has enacted a law that lets Tesla continue selling cars through its stores in the states. As with similar laws in other…

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‘Computerworld’ ends its print run, becomes a digital-only magazine

After nearly half a century Computerworld is ending its existence as a print magazine. Next Monday the final issue of the stalwart publication will be circulated on processed wood pulp. Computerworld won’t be going away completely, however, an online…

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Galaxy K Zoom review: Samsung’s best cameraphone yet

Samsung is on a mission to build the perfect cameraphone. Low-quality fixed lenses and tiny smartphone sensors are clearly insufficient for photography enthusiasts, but while you always bring your phone to parties, sporting events and trips to the…

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