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Month: July, 2014

Watch these smart bullets home in on targets like tiny missiles

Soldiers have long dreamed of smart bullets that always hit their targets, and it looks like they’re now much closer to getting their wish. DARPA has posted the first footage of EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance), a .50-caliber bullet that…

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GameStop promises it won’t interfere with game development

It’s understandable if the news of retail giant GameStop getting in on game development made you nervous. The potential of a store with vested interest in exclusive content dictating what goes into a game from its inception is more than a little…

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Deal of the Day: Incipio EDGE PRO Hard Shell Slider Case for iPhone 5/5S

For today only, buy the Incipio EDGE PRO Hard Shell Slider Case for iPhone 5/5S and save 52%

Crafted with a rigid plextonium shell and impact resistant core, the EDGE PRO includes a co-molded 2-part sliding design that allows for convenient docking and charging. With a sleek, low-profile design this case protects your iPhone 5 in style.

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How 911 Became the Emergency Call Number

How 911 Became the Emergency Call Number

Before the 1960s, the United States didn’t have one universal phone number for Americans to call if they needed help from the police or fire department. Callers simply had to know the phone number for each department in the area they were currently in.

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Google Now Gets Voice Control for Music Playback

Some Android users are starting to see a cool new Google Now capability pop up: If you’ve got the update, you can use "OK Google" to fast forward to the next track or pause playback. Small update, but very handy.

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Show Us Your Photos of Last Night’s Glorious Supermoon

Show Us Your Photos of Last Night's Glorious Supermoon

Last night was the first of what’s about to be the Summer of the Supermoon , which is exhausting for werewolves and absolutely spectacular for everyone else. There’s already quite a few photos popping up, so we’re asking you, dear readers, to show us the most beautiful photos you took of last night’s circular show.

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What’s the One Dead Website You Wish You Could Revive?

What's the One Dead Website You Wish You Could Revive?

Benj Edwards at The Atlantic just published this beautiful piece about a man’s quest to rebuild Prodigy, the ancient web service dead since 1999. As the net has grown and changed, no doubt you’ve lost a favorite site or two. Say you’ve got a genie and all your other wishes fulfilled. Which website do you revive?

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Who Recorded the Best Ever Cover of “Summertime”?

Who Recorded the Best Ever Cover of “Summertime”?

We’ve recently seen some serious contenders emerge for title of official jam of this, the sweatiest season of the year. Grimes , Dodger Stadium , and, uh, Usher with his boys Lil Jon and Luda have all wooed Giz staff with their vocal talents. Well, forget about those fools. Today is the time to make your case for the best ever cover of that all-time classic: "Summertime."

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Gorgeous Slow-Mo of the Machine-Like Beauty of Honeybees in Flight

Photographer Michael Sutton spent hours getting up close and personal with a hive of honey bees at Hillside Apiaries in New Hampshire. He got stung three times. But he also got this gorgeous slo-mo footage of honey bees in flight. I bet you’ll never look at a bee the same way.

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171 reasons why the Matrix Reloaded was crap

171 reasons why the Matrix Reloaded was crap

After the first Matrixa movie not without fault but at least entertaining and unique in its aesthetic—the entire franchise went to hell. Matrix Reloaded was particularly offensive, even with Monica Bellucci.

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